The baseball accelerated through the warm 1950's May midafternoon air. The trajectory appeared to be beyond the centerfield fence assuring victory the Fairmont High School baseball team. Jack Madison dreamed his entire life about this moment and the opportunity to play for the Illinois State High School baseball championship, but today, his earlier actions caused him to be placed on suspension and ineligible to play. 

Follow Jack, his African American mentor baseball coach, Fred Jenkins, Jack's family, teammates and the town as Jack's personality and above average talent land him in daily events where he learns life's lessons that will shape his life and the life of those around him. Lessons about teamwork, brother to brother relationships, temper, misdirected pride, winning and losing, bigotry and hard work to achieve a goal.

Experience the golden age of the fifties. The transition from radio to television, Rock and Roll, the growth of the economy and the establishment of the first suburban  areas, mothers changing role and the excitement of Americas past time, baseball

What happened to the baseball accelerating towards the centerfield fence?

You will just have to read the book to find out!