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The Caper in Shanghai

A surprise ending will carry you along as you learn about the subtleties of doing business in modern China. And you may learn more than you wanted to about the police processes which entangle the accused in a complex web of imprisonment. At times, the author’s style seems to be reportage rather than lyrical, but overall, the mystery is engrossing. There is a lot to learn in this book, so keep learning from it. You will find a story within the story early in the book is fascinating in that the authors style changes significantly making the read just that much more fun.

The Caper in Shanghai

A unique murder mystery that contains a book within a book making this book a fun and exciting read. Hard to tell who done it until the very end. I learned a ton about China in reading this book. It is obvious the author is very familiar with business and the culture in China.

Jack Madison - The Shaping of His Life

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to read Jack Madison- The Shaping of His Life in the first week it became available as an e-book. I experienced the 1950’s and could not put this book down. I read it in one day! This book captures not only life in the 50’s but revels the complicated personality of Jack as he matures throughout his teen years. Every emotion you can imagine hits you in the pages of this book. I laughed, I cried, and I cheered as the book unfolded. I highly recommend it.

Download the First Chapter of Jack Madison: The Shaping of His Life

About Larry

I was born on April 10, 1941. My father missed it. He was in Europe fighting the war to end all wars, and was wounded in France. I don’t remember much about my life in the 1940’s. To me, everything began in 1951. 

My father was an excellent athlete in all sports. Unfortunately, he grew up during the depression where there was no time for him to play sports. Everyone had to work to survive.

He was able to teach me everything I needed to know to become an outstanding baseball player. To this day, I can still feel the ball hitting into my glove, the smell of the grass and the sun hitting my eyes as we played catch. I loved baseball

Graduating from Murray State University in 1965, I began my business career in Louisville Kentucky working for General Electric at Appliance Park. My career lasted forty-eight years. I retired in 2013 as a Vice President of Supply Chain having travelled the world including thirty-two business trips to Asia.

I began writing The Caper In Shanghai, a murder mystery set in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and China, while on one of those trips. When one has a difficult time adjusting to the significant time change, there is plenty of time to write. The Caper in Shanghai was published in 2012. 

I wrote Jack Madison to share my experiences growing up in the 1950’s with the desire to engage the reader in learning how Jack’s life lessons can apply to anyone in today’s world.

Jack Madison – The Shaping of His Life is loosely autobiographical with the necessary changes made for a fictional novel. I am currently working on a sequel.

I guess I am living proof you are never too old to be creative and to enjoy life to its fullest.

Get In Touch

Today, Larry lives in Goose Creek, just outside of Charleston. He retired from a long and successful business career in 2013. His constant companion while he writes is Lola, a seven-year-old mini red Dachshund.

He is currently at work on a Jack Madison sequel. You are cordially invited to share this book with friends and family and other readers and to personally contact Larry with your comments about Jack Madison or his other novels.


Phone: (843) 513-9479

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